The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing your Next Shoes

Most people don’t really give much thought to different factors when shoe shopping. On the contrary, they are moved by a single feature, say, the color of the shoe, and they fall head over heels for the pair. However, this post is going to dispell this myth and is going to guide you in some of the things you have to consider before picking a pair of shoes for your feet.

1. Size

I bet you’re rolling your eyes to this factor but your feet will thank you for buying a pair of shoes that actually fits them. However, it’s not as simple as finding a shoe size that’s your usual shoe size and quitting on your shoe search. The fact that there are diverse shoe makers means that they probably size their shoes differently. This means that you should conduct your research prior to buying so as to establish whether the shoe fits your feet or what you are accustomed to. This will save you from experiencing aches on your feet.

2. Comfort

This is a no brainer, right? Your feet must be comfortable in the pair of shoes you choose to buy. Lucky for you, the shoe industry has gone to a great length to ensure that your feet are comfortable. Rocker botoom shoes is a great example for that! Some of the comfort features include insulated insides which preserve heat, breathable meshes which ensure the shoe is as light as a feather, rigid rubber soles which give you maximum traction and insoles that are cushioned so as to keep your feet comfortable. When your feet are comfortable in a pair, it means that you can walk for long in them.

3. Price

You don’t want to break the bank just so that your feet can smile in an expensive pair. It’s not near impossible to buy an affordable pair of shoes that looks stunning. For that reason, if you intend to save some green or you don’t have much to work with, then be on the look for affordable yet good-looking shoes.

4. Material

The material that the shoe is composed of is also a deal maker/ breaker for the shoe you choose. The material varies depending on the type of shoe. For example, tennis shoes are madeof mesh material that makes them light on your feet. Dressy shoes on the other hand are made of leather which makes them durable and have a classy look. Before settling on a pair for your feet, look up on the kinds of material used in the best shoes found in stores.

5. Occupation

Your occupation also plays a great part in the decision process. A doctor is not going to buy a pair of Texas Cowboy boots to wear during rounds. He’d be better off on far more comfortable shoes on his feet. As such, research on the shoe that fits your occupation and buy it.
In conclusion, finding a pair of shoes for your feet shouldn’t be solely on how it looks on you. With those tips, you should be on your way to finding a pair of shoes that is not only comfortable, but that is easy on the wallet too. Continue Reading

Liberal wins Prince Edward Island through a Coin Toss

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Alan McIssac, a Liberal candidate won the just concluded legislature elections of Prince Edward Island. A recount had been ordered by the judicial court when Mary Ellen McInnis a Progressive Conservative candidate’s vote had been mistakenly counted as McIsaac’s vote. On May 4, Alan McIsaac was declared a winner at night qzz in your life with a two more votes win over his opponent McInnis. When a recount was conducted on the following day, Tuesday 5th, it emerged that both candidates had a tie of 1,173. The counting mistake that gave McIsaac an extra win vote must have been due to the close similarity between the two names. At the end of it all though, it was the last name that gave him the favor of winning.

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