How to raise pets in the Corona Times


Animal breeding is known to contribute in many ways to humans. Many studies have shown that raising animals contributes to tranquility and the prevention of depression. However, the urban environment is not suitable for growing all types of animals. Therefore, even if you have always wanted to raise a tiger in the house or a giraffe in the garden, you must shatter your dream. If so, which animals are suitable for home breeding? The following is a brief overview of pets that can be raised in the living room of your home.

It is said that the dog is man’s best friend, and indeed this statement is not far from the truth. Dogs are friendly animals, who get along well with walking on two. They can be raised in all types of dwellings, but keep in mind that dogs are very active in nature and need living space. These animals need a healthy diet and water at a frequency that varies with the weather. Also, they must be spent several times a day to meet needs. Even if this can sometimes bother you, keep in mind that if you do not allow a dog to go out, it will have to be emptied indoors, which can bother (to say the least) much more than daily spending.

Cats, too, are animals suitable for home breeding. The cat can do well in your home environment as long as it has plenty of food and water. The advantage of raising cats is that they only need a sandbox for services. The crate should be cleaned several times a week to avoid any odors throughout the house. Cats are also active animals and should be used through various games such as this one. If the cat goes out into the home garden, check to see if he or she has met other cats in the area, which can cause flea to him and you.

Other animals that can be raised at home are the various rodents, such as rabbits, hamsters and sharks. These animals are usually raised in size-adapted cages, which include drinking and food facilities. The cages must be soaked in absorbent sand, which must be cleaned several times a week for their needs. Even if these animals are quite active and need activation stimuli, they should be kept in a gated environment. Due to their small size, they can move around in dangerous places, so you can take them out of the cage but under your supervision.


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