What are the benefits of holistic fitness?

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The goal of holistic  Fitness training goal is to make the exercise intimate and exciting pleasant and fun, raise awareness of the athlete needs physical and emotional needs of his body, like his body and nurture it to make energy flow better the trainee will be lively energetic live my life without pain and suffering. It is the best workout program ever; it is the best remedy invented.
It is the best long-term solution for myriad health problems such as hemorrhoids, acne (read on aad.org), and herpes.

You wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror wants to feel beautiful, you want to be loved and sexy and passionate action and creativity and you want to say: I love myself and my body I am alert and full of energy and creativity into action.

You decide to perform the task after you have written yourself the order of battle and setting yourself a target when you fail to fulfill the mission, you’re imagining what would look like at the end of the mission. What will tell your friends? What will you talk about with a girl? What will you talk about with your friends?

You come to the gym and went into battle see that with you name a few men who wrote Ordinance battle just like you, just like you also want to look trim large muscular and be the biggest to be the first place that the only way they will be what they really want: to get the pretty girl, be popular, be desirable, to control a tribe of men, men will fear you, feel King controls.

You start training costs on the treadmill and see a man running around, you entered the contest and the battle with the man running beside you, your speed is trying to line up to be like him to be at his own pace, you feel the difficulty but you say to yourself “I will not give this man the pleasure of seeing my despair and broken, I will not give it we are at war.

You go weights, here too the war goes on you see the man who trains near you, big shapely muscles lifting a heavyweight and you say to yourself: “I can also lift the same weight,” You went into a state of war with him the man to beat him. You mean the man who trains next to you I bet I’m bitter than you and you and the man who trains near you begin the battlefield in the gym. You can feel the excitement in the adrenaline that makes you.

But … then you finish the workout goes home and your body reminds you and talking to you yells at you that you did not see him during practice you were not attentive to his needs, you do not really know what the capabilities of your body and you think your body is able even to things that are beyond what it can.

The result: muscle pain, fatigue large shoulder inflammation chronic inflammation in the elbow, torn muscle, strained muscle cramped muscle, slipped discs.

The next time you work out in the gym listen to your body, be intimate with your body, be attentive and know the limits of your body’s ability, know the limits of your body’s movement. Life is not a war and a gym is not a battlefield, and the day life is an exciting intimate experience pleasant and enjoyable that lets you and gives you a chance to listen to your heart and feel your body and be faithful to your body and your heart.

That will make your workout experience, not only Listen to the heart and feel your body:

1. When you start training fitness back a moment with yourself alone listen to your heart and write: What do you feel? What happens to you now body? What is it with you? More convenient to do this step a conversation with a friend listen to you from the heart. The purpose of the phase is to connect you to a man with your body to connect you man your heart, be connected and loyal to your body and your body to ensure not to damage it and forget it during training. You must go to your doctor and get approved, you must wear comfortable shoes and you must start gradually.

2. After talking with your friend take some quality time with yourself and listen to your soul. The purpose of this phase is to listen again to what happens in your heart, feel what happens to you in the body, breathe, observe your thoughts and especially to be compassionate and be soft with your body, give up the battle for the ego, the struggle with other men who work out in the gym and replace it further  to A good friend of your body’s good friend who trains with you, not to make comparisons and to make the training pleasant intimate experience exciting and fun and not war.

3. Next prepare your body for activity by the investigation which limits the movement of your joints and muscles, until it becomes your body to your joints and muscles flexible and light running. Remember! Long muscle is a muscle that has more power, and is not the date of injury. You must have comfortable shoes to protect your back. You can use the guide I mentioned or other numerous guides on the web.Start with the ankle joint, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck. The goal: to be intimate with your body, know your body, feel your body love your body and cause damage.

4. In the  next step perform some kind of aerobics – walking / running / biking / Jump Rope / dance / back pain exercises. Anything that will make your heart start banging and get your own pulse. Even at this stage was loyal to your body, do not be tempted to see and do intervention and go to war with the runner next to you, opposite the runner next to you is your friend that you support him with that moment he walks past you is before you Start with walking speed for 4 K”ms 3 minutes and gradually increase your speed while you are in touch with your body feels your breath your heart, your heart rate (if you do not trust yourself you can use the meter pulse). By the way, a Gymnastic equipment  such as Gymnastic bars, is the excellent device for that. Increase the speed to the speed in which the body has your challenge, but he Course not. Keep an intimate relationship with your body all the time.

5. At the next stage of weights or yoga. Listen to what your body is capable of. Do not lift weight beyond your capacity and on the other to make it easier for yourself and raise your body weight will feel that you are actually not doing anything. Be intimate with your body.

6. The last step is training real intimacy. Physical fitness training is not war is an intimate experience pleasant and enjoyable exciting. So at the end of training thankful exercisers will train you with our arms, speaking with a handshake. Physical fitness training is an opportunity to create friendships, business networking collaborations, is also an opportunity to sit down with the training you call it trained sharing what happened to me in training to listen what happened to him in training how he felt. You can also indulge yourself taken care contact: shiatsu, reflexology massage and intimacy only be you and your body. Loving your body feel the heart to listen to your body. Continue Reading